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    A platform for nonprofits

    We want to help every nonprofit, in every city, across America.

    Thx is out to reinvent how people shop and give back to their favorite charities. We create quality, daily-use lifestyle products that foster generosity, give to great causes and inspire everyday thankfulness.

    Thx is the first brand designed to help every nonprofit in America raise funds and energize their community of supporters through the products they use every day.

    Our curated marketplace lets people shop for the products they already use and give back more to their favorite causes. With each purchase, shoppers customize their impact by giving any amount to any registered nonprofit of their choice.

    One common struggle all nonprofits face is the need for funds. Inevitably, they go to past supporters with semi-creative ways to ask for the same thing: more donations.

    We transparently price our products at their lowest possible cost so your supporters can donate the savings or any amount they want, without spending more than they traditionally would.

    We shop for so many reasons, shouldn't your nonprofit be one of them?

    Why your nonprofit should use our platform

    • Top-quality lifestyle products
    • Responsibly and sustainably sourced
    • Purposely priced to create impact
    • Donate the savings (or any amount)
    • Over 1.8 million nonprofits to support

    Recurred giving

    Your supporters can receive their favorite products and customize a monthly donation through our monthly subscriptions options.

    Increase awareness

    Empower supporters to make a daily difference for your cause through the products they use every day and inspire them to be an advocate in ways simple donations cannot.

    Zero hassle

    Zero fees, zero inventories, zero fulfillment. We receive and process all orders, send out donations monthly, and automatically notify you whenever a donation is made.

    What they say about us

    "This innovative platform is a great additional resource for nonprofits, as the pricing is clearly intended to help nonprofits raise funds.  Also, the products speak for themselves."

    Dr. Julian Maha - KultureCity

    How it works

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    Email is one of the strongest and best ways to connect with supporters. Express your gratitude and invite them to shop+give for your nonprofit with just one click.

    Other ways to give

    Promote on Website

    Share your Unique Cause Link online to directly connect viewers to your cause. Upload our Shop+Give website widgets or post a blog and promote giving to your cause through Thx.

    Clearly good.

    We transparently price all of our products at cost and let you decide exactly how much you'd like to give back. To learn more about how our products are made, click here.

    Get started.

    If your nonprofit is registered on Guidestar, you're probably already in our database! We've created some great ways for you to share your cause with your closest supporters. Fill out this fancy form and we'll email you back shortly!

    With Thx, inspiring supporters to give has never been easier.

    - Create a Pre-Selected Cause Link to share with your community
    - Engage your community beyond traditional donation requests
    - Receive automatic email notifications for all donations
    - Feature your nonprofit mission and story on Thx.co
    - Gain access to branded creative assets