Let’s Make America Thankful Again

Please don’t get it wrong. America has always been Thankful. But this year we could be it a little bit more.

Now, we know what you might be thinking: Is America not Thankful? Actually no, America is the MOST thankful if you can measure that in terms of giving back, supporting charity, spreading ideas of freedom and generally making the world a better place. That’s not the point we’re trying to make.

Rather, one thing we’ve seen is that individually, it can get hard to stay thankful. There’s a lot of change in the air, so it’s nobody’s fault. But this, our message, is to the individual. The individual who’s feeling down or worried or just “not as usual”. The individual who’s lost some faith in people, in business, and in our community as a whole.

Our message is a gentle yet relevant reminder to always stay thankful. Through all the noise, we may forget that being thankful is the willingness to show appreciation for kindness, and the readiness to reciprocate kindness back. There’s a world of issues out there and the best way we’ll be able to solve them is together.

Being thankful is a choice. It’s not only expressed when obvious or easy, but rather when doubt has taken over and the outcomes are unsure. And to be honest, in this GREAT country, America the Beautiful, we have a lot to be thankful for.

At Thx, we don’t limit gratitude. Gratitude is our culture and the goal of our everyday state of being. It’s not always easy because we’re human too. But for every decision we make, we consciously determine to always stay thankful and it’s what we want to most share with you.

Considering today and the launch of our company, we want to shine a light in the simplest of ways. My brother and I could think of no better way to introduce this movement of gratitude and generosity than by declaring: Let’s Make America Thankful Again!