Partnering with Guidestar

Thx is a lifestyle brand and e-commerce giving platform reinventing how people shop and give to their favorite nonprofit causes.

Unlike other social good brands or services with fixed donation amounts, Thx lets shoppers customize their impact by giving any amount they’d like to give with each purchase.

And that’s not all. We let shoppers give back to any registered nonprofit in America.

When we first began speaking about Thx, small and medium nonprofits in cities all over the country started contacting us to ask how they could be on our platform. This was tough, because it required a lot of resources and time for us to establish partnerships on an individual basis.

We knew we needed to find a way to do this.

Our discovery of the GuideStar API was a big a-ha moment to finding a solution on how to help all NPOs be included on our platform.

Whenever a visitor arrives at, they’re promoted to choose a cause. We’ve created a drop down menu with a list of popular causes in various cause categories to choose from.

For customers, it will help them not feel like normal donors – but rather explorers who get to make a specific decision about the impact they’d to create. In seconds, they can find the specific cause or organization they want to donate to.

While customers want to give back, they want to give to specific causes or organizations that they’re most familiar with. Thanks to Guidestar, now we’ll have a list of over 1.8 million causes for you to choose from.