Everyday products for everyday causes.

People want to make a difference, this much we know.

That’s why we buy ethical products, give to charity, volunteer, pour ice water on our heads and raise our voices in protest.

Thx exists to better connect people to the causes they care about through the products they use everyday. We’re on a mission to foster generosity, give to great causes and inspire thankfulness. For a couple years, our team has been working to launch a platform and e-commerce marketplace designed to help every cause, in every city in America. When we saw what existed today in the social good space, we noticed that the products we use should be able to do a lot more good for the causes we support.

Our question was this:

You shop for thousands of reasons. Why can’t your favorite cause be one?

Giving to one million causes.

Imagine: your morning cup of coffee (or tea) supporting rescued animals or families with autistic children. Apparel that gives back to your local food bank. Your favorite everyday fragrance supporting the environmental cause you love the most, or candles that give to human trafficking, all while employing the young adults with disabilities who pour them.

Whether it’s children’s health, water, veterans, a rare disease or protecting the oceans – you have a cause close to your heart. Our goal is to connect you with a better way to help those causes simply through the products you use everyday.

Through a partnership with Guidestar, Thx customers will now be able to choose the charity they’d like to support from a list of over 1.8 million registered nonprofits, making Thx one of the most inclusive brands for small and medium nonprofits to raise funds.



Honest pricing, without sacrificing quality.

All Thx products are transparently priced at cost so that you can give more to a cause you believe in. The purpose at Thx is to make a difference and that’s why we wanted to make sure everyone could afford to give on our platform. Most people aren’t aware that their favorite social good products still have significant markups attached to their cost. Often times, these products are priced out of reach of the majority of people who want to make an impact. By pricing our products at their lowest possible cost, free of any profit markups, we’re giving our customers the choice to donate the savings from their purchase or simply give any amount they’d like.

Through responsible sourcing, working with exceptional and sustainable suppliers, we’re out to empower better, more conscious choices that allow people to spend less for high-quality products and, at the same time, give back more to their favorite causes.

We believe that thankfulness and a little generosity can radically change the world. Ultimately, THX is about allowing you to impact the world in the way you want to.

What’s your cause?